Work In Progress: Legalized

Ever wonder how we make a new coin?

There are millions of coins on the market.  Silver Eagles are surely a top seller, and there are plenty of Morgans and Peace dollars flooding the market, but how many unique coins are out there that tell a story?  And why aren’t there more?! 

Silver stackers and collectors want variety and there’s no shortage of inspiration in the world. Today we’re going to show you how we make a new coin from concept to market. 

Legalized Collection

The Legalized coin series is a collection of State inspired coins that are created once a state votes to fully legalize Cannabis. Medicinal, recreational – the works.  As of this post, 18 states have gone fully legal with 5 more possible in 2022.  Here’s how we commemorate each state crossing over to the green side.


For the New Mexico Legalized coin, we started with the state seal of the state of NM. An eagle, snake, some latin text…pretty boring.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the state moto “it grows as it goes”. Hmmm it mentions “grows”.. we’ll see what else we can dig up. 😉

State seal of New Mexico

Then, we thought about all the things NM is known for…and integrate the iconic imagery into the design.  Rock formations, Balloon Fiesta, petroglyphs, road runners, and more!

Sprinkle in some legal cannabis...and voila! It's a beauty!

After a few more revisions (sorry Alien Throne), we approve the final digital art and the project moves forward.

Final Concept Art
Finalized Digital Art

Finally, we add the weight, purity, along with the particulars of the state legalization process….then, it’s off to the die engraving department to get emblazoned in solid steel! Once the die is in hand we mint up samples and share them with our favorite collectors – is this you?! If so, sign up for our updates and get them directly to your inbox!  Or follow us on Instagram for instant access to what’s on the factory floor and see who’s making all this shiny goodness.