Tune in with the weirdos at /r/wallstreetbets, get physical siilver,
annoy your mailman and show the banks who’s boss!

The Story

Wall Street Bets is leading the charge in freeing us from our flesh-eating parasitic masters and their corrupt system. Join the revolution, strap yourself in because we are taking this from grass roots all the way to the moon!

It’s gonna be a wild ride; why not get yourself a trophy for the journey? There’s no better way to show friends & losers alike how awesome you are than with a solid precious metal collectible.



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YOLO Truckers! New Wall Street Bets Silver Coin in the worx!

4 August 2021 We did such an amazing job on the first one – we thought we’d do it again!

Check out the latest work in progress images of the all new APES TOGETHER STRONG coin from the retards that brought you the first one. We don’t know exactly what to do here, but we’re thinking…..he’s on a rocket ship….he’s heading TO THE MOON!

But, what about those weird ape feet? Do people know yet that the Wall Street Bets kid is really half man, half ape? The will know the truth soon enough….

An even more retarded coin in the making

1 August 2021 How do you top the first one in the Wall Street Bets silver coin collection? We’ve got some ideas, but hook up some feedback for us.