US Mint To Release Five Ounce Silver Bullion

In a story published by, the US Mint will, for the first time, be issuing a series of five ounce silver bullion pieces called America the Beautiful and duplicating the artwork featured on several of the members of the popular state quarter program. 100,000 strikes of each of the five designs selected has been authorized and will be distributed through the same authorized dealers that currently make available the silver and gold bullion Eagles.

This news follows only a few months after the American Open Currency Standard announced the release of their first five ounce “Jumbo” proof-like strike of their best-selling Crazy Horse designed for the Lakota Nation.

The US Mint release follows a trend of striking larger pieces which has proven popular around the world. Legislation authorizing the strike mandates that the pieces be nearly identical to the artwork appearing on the popular state quarters and measure three inches in diameter.