The Survival Podcast Interviews AOCS Founder, Rob Gray

AOCS Founder, Rob Gray, was interviewed by Jack Spirko on his highly popular The Survival Podcast.

Covering topics including honest trade, current economic conditions and the upcoming release of the brand new AOCS approved The Survivor Podcast Copper Round.

Jack gets to the heart of the matter and exposes the nuts and bolts of how the American Open Currency Standard operates and how they are making it possible for honest trade to  occur in these volatile market and what The Survival Podcast is doing to contribute to the success of honest trade. Jack even makes an unprecedented offer to listeners.

Here is Jack’s description of the interview with an embedded link to the program page…

Today we are joined by Rob Gray, founder of the AOCS (American Open Currency Standard)  to discuss AOCS copper, silver and gold as a barter currency and all things monetary.

We also discuss the three fold mission of the new TSP copper rounds.

Our goals are to educate people about barter economies, educate people about preparedness and educate people about what money really is all with one coin.

We do this from a stand of morality based on our 4 guiding directions on the front of the coins, honor, courage, strength and knowledge.

Honor – Dictates that we think of our children and that we don’t abuse our strength on those weaker then us

Strength – Is necessary so that we can stand in the face of adversity be it physical, financial or the strength of being prepared

Courage – Combined with honor allows us to act as we know we should, focusing on solutions vs. complaining about problems

Knowledge – Is our true power, our guiding force of the other tenets and something we must always continue seeking if we are to be honorable, strong and courageous as a community.

Join us today as we discuss…

  • The beta launch of (The Real Truth About Money)