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In his “Contract with the American Voter”, 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump outlined an ambitious strategy for placing the Land of the Free back on a path more closely resembling that envisioned by our Founding Fathers. Fighting unfathomable corruption at every turn, our President – against all odds – ushered in years of economic prosperity and a return of that uniquely American feeling of Pride.

Now, undeterred in the face of a catastrophic global pandemic, President Trump is ready, willing & able to Make America Great Again, Again! Commemorate this defining moment in history and collect the coins that tell the story!

stock market jumps 27 percent - House Joint Resolution bills 37, 44, 57, and 58 - US Steel swings from a loss to a net profit of $387 million - 6,400 troops return home from abroad - 2nd chance act - unemployment rate is near 50-year low

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Trump for President 2020

A Historic Meeting in Singapore


In 2018, President Donald Trump traveled to the Orient to conduct the first face to face meeting ever between the nations, with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. The two were able to – at least for a brief moment in time – thaw the icy relations between the two nuclear powers and discuss the potential for a bright future.

The meeting was held in the Republic of Singapore, the island city-state situated at the southern tip of the Malay peninsula. A strategic port just west of the South China Sea, Singapore is home to COMLOG Westpac, frequented regularly by the Pacific Fleet. In 2019, President Trump and Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee renewed its 30-year old pact, granting the United States access to Singapore air & sea bases until 2035, furthering the United States’s strategic goals in the region. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed during PM Lee’s visit to the UN General Assembly in New York City.