A Tribute to the Tribute

“MundoGold Sells Silver! MundoGold is proud to announce its first minted offering: ‘The Ultimate Flipping Coin'”

This is the declaration featured on the web site www.mundogold.com officially revealing news of the striking of it’s first medallion in .999 fine silver weighing one troy ounce in proof-like quality. The president of MundoGold, James Cicenia, revealed his inspiration and motivation in conceiving this unique piece with the following statement:

“Coins are by nature pretty much binary with the slim exception of the mythical edge landing seen once near a Tibetan monastery. Coins also felt quite Roman to me. And so I wanted to reflect and pay homage to the past in our first coin but with a twist. We realize that in life one must make a decision on how much one gives to the state or to the spirit or out of love. And so our coin quotes one of Jesus’ more famous lines and beautifully illustrates it for a fantastic gift, piece, round, barter, or investment.

And let’s be true here. This is one of the few gifts that will be worth more in ten years than it is today.”

Those who have studied the oft-named “tribute episode” to any extent will immediately appreciate the subtle sedition therein in that time of bread and circus emperors. The story apparently proved so popular that it survived repeated translation through the various and numerous versions of the Christian canon and those texts not chosen. With the ultimate message, according to the translators and religious authorities charged with creating and recreating a reference source for the Christian religion, that an individual can choose only one of two options: worship God or the state.

A virtual three-dimensional computer rendering of the Tribute currently being minted for MundoGold.com.

“We believe in the American Open Currency Standard, its founders and its mission. And more importantly, I saw a creative outlet for coinage, barter and the true American spirit.”

states Mr. Cicenia.

That American spirit at AOCS includes a reverent respect without prejudice for the rights of all men to pursue their understanding of spirituality as they deem desirable and the AOCS is proud to be selected for aiding in the creation of this work of art.

MundoGold is currently accepting advanced orders on their web site for the first strike. To learn more about MundoGold and this project, click on the computerized concept image above or follow this link to visit www.mundogold.com.