The Standard

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What We Do

At the core, the American Open Currency Standard does very little. In fact, our responsibilities are quite simple:

The AOCS is solely a common Standard for the many and numerous community currencies developing across the country. By using a reliable and documented metals standard, communities and individuals alike can create an unlimited variety of unique medallion designs without affecting interchangeability. Simply stated, a Community Currency originating in Fort Collins, CO can be recognized and voluntarily accepted by a business owner on the other side of the state, country or world. Though AOCS Approved medallions have a very high likelihood of being traded locally, their recognized value protects participants from economic isolation.

What We Really Do

In service of the Standard, the AOCS team helps expedite the return to a currency based on honest weights and measures by actively prospecting, educating and training our partners:

Currency Issuers who conceptualize and requisition new minted medallions.

Community Trade Coordinators who exchange currencies with consumers and build the marketplace.

Merchants who accept AOCS Approved medallions in private trade.

Authorized Dealers who bring value to the MarketPlace by placing currency into circulation.

Consumers who seek opportunities to trade with local businesses.

The AOCS promotes local enterprise, rebuilds community wealth and returns value to exchanges through our debt-free private voluntary barter currency.

AOCS in the Future

The American Open Currency Standard is a temporary bridge between the world of government-imposed fiat currencies and a free-market system where commodities and other stores of value are actively traded in the Marketplace. It is our ultimate goal to see goods and services once again priced in ounces, grams or grains alongside variable “paper” prices. When this is done, we will know our mission is successful.