Team Spotlight: Stephen!

The Team is growing!

Congrats to Stephen and his beautiful family! Maverick arrived on May 18th, both mom and baby are doing fantastic. When you’re this cute, who needs sleep anyways?!!  

Spotlight: Stephen

Stephen served in the 82nd Airborne division of the US Army.  After 2 tours in Afghanistan, he was honorably discharged in 2014.  

A diagnosis of PTSD changed a lot of things for our hero. With proper medical attention and an amazing family he completed his education and earned a degree in Culinary Arts.  

In 2020, Covid cut Stephen’s food truck dreams in pieces so he switched and joined us at Patriot Coins where he serves up silver bars for hungry collectors.

Thank you for your service Stephen! We’re proud to call you Brother.


Behind the scenes...

Stephen runs the Hot Room – and yes, it gets REALLY HOT! Casting silver bars and silver strip is a precision job and he’s the perfect guy for it. The long silver strips are later turned into the beautiful coins you see on our website and trusted dealers around the world.