Tenth Amendment Center Launches “Tenther” Medallion

As I reported in March, the group taking the lead on the issue of state’s rights, Tenth Amendment Center, recently commissioned their own medallion in support of the movement toward honest trade and a truly free market.
The design of this one ounce .999 fine silver round features the Tenth Amendment Center logo on the obverse against a polished, mirrored, proof-like background. The elegance of the simplicity has impact as it forwards the image of the Center and tells one and all that this liberty-oriented organization has strong roots in the growing responsibility being taken by citizens across the country for the sovereignty of their states to whom they have charged with defending their freedoms from an increasingly encroaching national government.

The reverse bears the slogan of the Center, “concordia res parvae crescunt”, small things grow great by agreement. And as the Center generates more agreement that states have rights that should be honored by the central government initially employed to serve them, the movement grows greater.
Learn more about the Tenth Amendment Center and the work they do and hopefully you will feel they are worthy of support and sign up as a member. Those who sign up for a five year membership are gifted one Tenth Amendment Center silver “tenther” along with many other valuable gifts.

If the success of the launch of the medallion in Austin, Texas at the recent Nullify Now! event is to be gauged by the number of new memberships it helped to generate, this piece may soon be hard to get.