Springing Ahead

March 2022

Signs of Spring are popping up all over the farm.  Seedlings are bursting out, and the beds are being prepped for what we hope will be a bountiful harvest to share with our families and team!

We've got a few new faces in the shop and on the grounds. Our pygmy goats have finished kidding and we have 4 new babies! These goats are hilarious!

And it wouldn't be Spring without... CHICKENS!

Our first dozen chicks are in and staying warm under the lights while we build the coop.  These are Golden Comets and we’ve nicknamed them “Golden Girls”.  🙂

A leap of faith..

In other news, we took a quick break to celebrate Ashton’s 18th birthday at SPACELAND DALLAS. Ashton’s been helping out around the shop since he was 12 so it was no surprise when some of the team joined the party. Travel trailers, campfires, and an epic jump out of a perfectly good airplane – it was one for the books! The staff was incredible and really made us feel like family. Highly recommend if you’re in the big D.  Happy Birthday Ashton!!!

“Sleep, Creep, LEAP” has been been murmured by farmers and hobby gardeners for generations.  The idea is simple enough and proven time and again.  Plant something, wait a while – impatiently, if you’re like me.. and then a brilliant sprig of green pops up out of the earth.  Just shy of miraculous, you now have a taste of success.  Stick around and nurse that fledgling plant from the elements (twisters in Texas), and someday you just might feed your family a meal you can be proud of.

The same practice is required for raising children or running a business.  The hard work and care that goes into each endeavor is enough to send one for the hills.. but it would be lonely on that mountain without our families and team.  Here’s to the journey TOGETHER!