Sound Money – The Guardian of Liberty

Implementation would reduce the size of government
by Doug Tjaden
Liberty is a subject discussed today by many who feel that government entities, (Federal in particular) have overstepped their constitutional jurisdiction. Rightly so. They have. Misguided politicians today use law to dictate their vision of what they feel will provide Americans with “equal opportunity.”

Our republican form of government and Constitution place limits on our elected officials, giving them no such mandate. As Americans come to understand this truth, they seek to heed Thomas Jefferson’s words and “bind them down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Their strategy thus far is to invest huge sums of human and monetary capital in an attempt to prove agencies such as the TSA, NSA, FDA, EPA, NEA, et al. are operating outside of constitutional authority.

Those seeking to accomplish this have good intentions. However, what they have not yet recognized is each of the above agencies share a common supply line that allows them to live, breathe, and expand. That supply line is – money.

Warfare strategists understand that a weaker opponent can prevail over a stronger one if they cut off supplies to the front line troops. If the money supply line to the alphabet soup agencies were cut off or drastically curtailed, they would shrink. Many would disappear. Isn’t that the goal?

Implementation of sound money would accomplish what hundreds of lawsuits and years of political posturing by well-intentioned people have thus far failed to do – halt the expansion of government. Why is it then, that liberty minded individuals outside of the libertarian camp have failed to fully engage on the issue of sound money?

Sadly, many believe the disinformation spread by the opponents of sound money. They have bought the lie that sound money would cause economic instability and that using gold and silver as money would require carrying bags of coins to pay our bills. That argument is a red herring, and will be addressed in a future article.

Listen up. Here is reality.

If “we the people” do not demand a return to sound money and instead continue down our reckless fiscal path, the U.S. dollar will lose its status as the world’s reserve currency and our nation will experience a currency crisis of immense magnitude. The liberty we have lost to the alphabet soup agencies will pale in comparison to what will be stolen from us by accepting the “solution” offered by International Monetary Fund.

Their solution will include a new currency unit, backed by some form of the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights (SDR). The IMF is positioning itself as the answer to the world’s growing sovereign debt problem. And the cost for their solution will include handing over our nation’s economic sovereignty to their global governance. Loss of economic sovereignty equals loss of individual sovereignty. Get with it people. Loss of sovereignty is serious, (ask Europe) and will be the subject of a future article.