Soto Nation Releases Medallion

The Soto Nation Releases First Silver Trading Medallion

Soto Nation, 17 March 2010 – The original, traditional and sovereign Soto Nation of the Anishinabe Federation of Sovereign Nations united with the United Nations of Turtle Island issued an announcement of the release of their first official voluntary trade medallion. The following statement was issued by the seventh generation international, traditional and inherent head Spiritual Chief and Plenipotentiary of the Anishinabe Nations, Grand Hereditary Chief Kitchi-Ostew-Kaneekanagoshick-Okimow-Wacon-Kaneekaneet (Chief Kaneekaneet):

Anienshiqua (greetings), and megwich to the Creator and all those that have gone before, all of our relations and our friends and allies.

I am proud to announce the release of our first voluntary trading medallion, the Soto “Peeashe” (Thnderbird). This one ounce .999 fine silver proof-like round was minted through official commission by the American Open Currency Standard, our proud partner in this historical venture.

We, the peoples of the Soto Nation and the original traditional nations within and united with, will proudly utilize this barter piece featuring “Peeashe”, our brother the thunderbird and the Great Turtle Island.

For the thousands of merchants across the Great Turle Island that already actively trade with medallions of honest value, we join in your struggles in these difficult times and take this step to assure our own economic survival and contribute to that of our friends and allies.

All those who desire free and open trade are welcome to engage the Anishinabe Federation of Sovereign Nations or those united with and we will offer you value for your value. Our web site is:

Our people have endured the most difficult of trials through our time here on the Great Turtle Island. It is the time, it is the will of the Creator, that this be done for the road in front of us and to make it better for those that come after.

The Lakota Nation has also issued an independent currency for the future of their nation’s children and the betterment of all. Join us in our mission to make it better for all those that come after, our children and grandchildren.

It is by the will and authority of the Creator that I have been instructed to make this edict concerning the Soto medallion.

As always, I am an original traditional trustee appointed by the Creator for those that come after and, as always, it is by the will of the Creator that I am


Seventh Generation International Traditional Inherent Head Spiritual Chief and Plenipotentiary and Supreme Justice for the Anishinabe Federation of Sovereign Nations of the Great Turtle Island


CONTACT: Chief Kaneekaneet (306) 205-3527