Our Factory Farm

March 2022

Plans Change...

The story of our factory farm began with an unfortunate issue with our landlord last November. Following a disagreement between our landlord and the city, we found ourselves out of power and out of luck.
The days were often interrupted by wind, hail, and even tornadoes, we did our best to continue production and stay positive.
Fortunately, a few months prior, we purchased a piece of county land with the eventual goal of constructing a factory of our own.
This unexpected loss of workspace put the distant goal of operating from our own land into much more urgent need. We increased our efforts and accelerated our timeline from summer 2022 to being fully moved in by winter 2021.
Moving Day! Massive equipment requires serious trucks and a lot of patience.
We installed three phase power to support our ever growing assortment of machines, and got to work on setting up a production space.
We constructed commercial tents to house the equipment in hopes that we could survive the winter.
Although slow, production is back on line and we can start focusing on the build!

MARCH 2022

Plans Changed!