1% of 1%

In an article for his web site, Jason Hommel’s Silver Stock Report, Jason reports on the scale of total current demand for silver and argues why this is good for all parties interested in the precious metal. Drawing on statistics including those published by America’s own mint, Jason lays out the surprising figures and makes a convincing case that this market has incredible upside. His bullish outlook should put a smile on the face of every individual holding silver now, especially those allocating any percentage of that to long term security holdings. For those who are enjoying the almost immediate average two-fold return through bartering – well, they saw the light long ago and they can feel good about the value they are trading. How many people can say the money they are exchanging today will be worth more to the recipient tomorrow?

1% of 1%

(The Silver Market is tiny, tiny, tiny !)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, August 23rd, 2010

Please bear with me while I repeat myself about how tiny the silver market is.   Let’s start with the facts.

World annual silver mining adds about 600 million ounces of new silver, that includes all silver as byproduct supply from copper, gold, lead, zinc and other mines.  Recycling contributes about 150 million oz.  That’s total supply.

That is balanced on the demand side by industrial demand, jewelry demand, photography demand, and investor demand.

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