AOCS Mission

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The AOCS exists to expedite the implementation of metal as money. We actively prospect, train, and support the 3 groups that comprise the AOCS: Merchants that accept AOCS Approved Currencies, Currency Issuers that conceptualize & requisition new minted pieces, and Trade Coordinators that exchange the Currencies with the general public. The AOCS promotes local enterprise, rebuilds local community wealth and creates a profit for you!

Currency Issuers

Whether you’re bringing new metal to market or turning your existing bullion into minted rounds, the AOCS will help you establish your brand identity. We’ll introduce you to the participating approved Mints that will complete your final product. The AOCS will help build marketing material so that you can put your best foot forward as you attract Trade Coordinators and participating Merchants to your system.

Community Trade Coordinator

By becoming a Trade Coordinator for the AOCS, you have the flexibility to represent and exchange any AOCS Approved Currency. By doing so, you represent a broader product line, providing maximum flexibility for the Merchants with whom you interface. You will be listed in the AOCS Trade Coordinator directory, where the public goes to find the nearest exchange contact. You will have access to our precision sales and support materials, simplifying your prospecting experience. Further, the AOCS hosts weekly sales conference calls to discuss new Merchant prospecting techniques, as well as to identify new target groups of interest. Most importantly, the AOCS brings a level of credibility to your Merchant invitation that can’t be found by “going it alone”.


As an AOCS Merchant, the most important question you may consider is “Where can I go to spend my silver?” Some Merchants participate to earn and save silver. Some participate and actively use the Currency to promote local commerce. Whatever reason you have for joining our group, the AOCS makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of our barter exchange. Through the AOCS, you have access to the participating merchants both locally and nationwide. The TradeFlash Wire Service allows you to instantly notify other Merchants of what you “Have” and what you “Want”. Best of all, you can quickly verify the legitimacy of a silver currency by looking for the “AOCS Approved” phrase on each medallion.