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Rob Gray, x501
Executive Director

As a former RCO for the Liberty Dollar, Gray knows first-hand the importance of maintaining a spotless reputation in the marketplace and avoiding entanglements that isolate supporters. By focusing on the creation of value for each and every partner, Gray has been able to establish relationships with organizations that previously ignored the importance of honest money.

A native of Philadelphia, Gray left school early to start his first business at the age of 17. After a string of moderate successes (and a few failures), Gray combined his knowledge of corporate barter trade exchanges with his awareness of the dying dollar and created a successful silver-based barter economy in Dallas, Texas. In 2007, Gray launched the American Open Currency Standard to unite the regional silver barter networks into a cohesive national movement. Today, Gray serves as Executive Director of the AOCS and also Chairman for several other concerns he has helped launch over the years. Gray is married and lives in Dallas with his wife and two children.


EAEddie Allen, First Nations & Commodity Banking

Eddie Allen is the Executive Director of Sovereign Economics, a division of American Open Currency Standard. In that capacity he works with leaders of independent nations, states, and communities to provide financial system solutions to enhance their sovereignty and expand their viability. He began his work with the AOCS in early 2008 and is credited with creating projects with the Soto Nation, Atooi Kingdom, Crow Nation, New Hampshire Free State Project, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty and many more.


IMAG0176Kurt Wallace, New Business Development

Kurt Wallace – New Business Development Director and host of Open Currency Update has a background in PR, marketing and fundraising consulting for businesses, politicians, personalities and non-profits. He has experience in business networking strategy, television production and as a radio talk show host. Since 2007 Kurt has interviewed hundreds of guests and worked with over 20 national political campaigns. Kurt speaks Russian, teaches Ballroom and Latin dance and has traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, Central and South America. He loves being a father and spending time with his son.