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AOCS Marketplace

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The AOCS Marketplace was established to serve as a driving force in the movement to facilitate and expedite the expansion of honest trade on a local level. The American Open Currency Standard was built to make economic survival once again a real possibility by putting each individual in control of their own wealth and by doing so giving each person the opportunity to recognize that the choice is theirs as to where their money goes and how it gets there.

Many communities already enjoy a growing private trading network through the efforts of one or more AOCS Community Trade Coordinators (CTCs). What these trade coordinators have found is that there are a number of reasons people engage in private trade in the AOCS Marketplace.

For merchants, some of these reasons include:

  • the ability to protect a portion of their gains in inflationary-proof precious metals
  • security of knowing they can trade out of the same medallions at the value at which they accepted them
  • exposure to a new and enthusiastic customer base
  • tapping into an outlet for excess inventory
  • For those who are shopping in this market, some of the reasons include:

  • short-term increase in their buying power
  • protection against inflation
  • sharing responsibility for helping to strengthen the local economy
  • becoming familiar with who can provide for local needs
  • Regardless of the reasons, many have chosen to privately engage in building a system to protect their interests now and in the future. As these local networks multiply and expand, the benefits to all will become even greater.