‘Lawful Money’ Medallion Released in Tennessee

A local private trading currency relies on higher authority for guiding the quality of honest exchange in Stantonville, Tennessee.

September 13, 2010 – Stantonville, Tennessee – A local private complementary currency termed ‘Lawful Money’ is being circulated in Stantonville, Tennessee drawing on the authority of a higher power for structuring and guiding its creation.

With the rising popularity of community currencies, a Stantonville, Tennessee man expanded his efforts to spread the word about truly honest money. Jason Cassie introduced Lawful Money and designated it as “One Troy Ounce” of “.999 Fine Silver” on the reverse while making clear reference to the biblical guidance in declaring the equivalent measurement of “2.484 shekels of silver” on the obverse. This text appears along with Hebrew text on the same face which relates quotes from Isaiah 33:22, “Yahweh (The LORD) is our King” and “Yahweh (The LORD) is our Lawgiver”. Cassie claims these quotes are his favorite aspects of the medallion.

“I was a member of ‘Liberty Dollar’ and tried to trade their rounds with limited success. These rounds are much easier to trade because of their design. People like the design and message they have”. Cassie goes on to say, “Many times, when someone has one of these rounds in their hands, they end up saying something like, ‘I didn’t know the Constitution said that!’”

Cassie’s Lawful Money is part of a wider campaign to make a suffering public aware of their traditional obligation to trade in a medium of honest value. He claims that the brilliant rounds “educate while they circulate!” Cassie goes on to state that “Lawful Money silver rounds got the name because they are full of law and should not be confused with money printed by the government.”

“Lawful Money” can be found online at www.lawfulmoney.net where the site makes clear the mission is “Taking up the fight for just weights and measures.” Cassie applied for and received approval for licensing to join the family of barter rounds offered by the American Open Currency Standard, noted partners of the Lakota Nation in establishment of the Free Lakota Bank. Cassie concludes: “I appreciate the work being done by the AOCS to help people learn about the true value that can be had in honest money. They have set the standard for honest trade and I look forward to knowing Lawful Money will be utilized by productive people around the world.”


Jason Cassie