Kokesh Campaign Medallion Released

New Mexico Congressional Candidate Adam Kokesh Issues Medallions for Contributions

Santa Fe, New Mexico – February 18, 2010 – Adam Kokesh, Republican candidate for New Mexico’s 3rd District and veteran of the Iraq war, built his campaign on the principles of a strong national defense, transparent government and providing necessary aid to veterans returning home from service. Another campaign plank supports a policy of honest money to minimize inflationary theft by the Federal Reserve System.

“The Federal Reserve has destroyed the value of our dollar. Its boom and bust cycle must be replaced by savings, wise investment and honest money. Few have done more to establish an alternative and further the cause of honest money than the American Open Currency Standard,” says Kokesh. “They provide a useful set of tools for individuals across the country to rebuild local economic wealth and put the control of real money back where it belongs: in the hands of the people.”

Today the AOCS unveils its latest complementary currency line, dubbed “Candidate Currency”, paying tribute to public office seekers that walk the walk. According to American Open Currency Standard Executive Director Rob Gray, the line will feature “…candidates who put their money where their mouth is. We believe future Congressman Kokesh is the perfect candidate to launch this series and we’re proud to support his campaign.”

The Kokesh for Congress medallion is an ounce of .999 fine silver, struck in brilliant proof-like collector’s grade mirror finish. The obverse features meticulously sculpted original artwork of Kokesh and Lady Liberty sharing the call to a revolution. The limited edition medallion is exclusively available as a “token of appreciation” to campaign donors that contribute $50 and use the promo code “AOCS” through the campaign website at www.kokeshforcongress.com. Multiple qualifying donations receive multiple medallions.

Though the Kokesh for Congress medallion is a timeless classic for collectors across the globe, it doubles as an AOCS Approved private voluntary barter currency that can be used like a gift certificate of equal value within the rapidly growing network of merchants across the country, who actively trade goods and services for honest money.

“We earnestly await Adam’s successful bid for office; but while elections and candidates will come and go, you have the opportunity every day to vote with your wallet,” says Gray. “Make a donation today to help send a statesman and ardent supporter of Ron Paul’s “Audit the Fed” to work for you in D.C.”

Andrew Sharp
Communications Director