Inflation is Coming

Hold the door against inflation with the finest
silver, forged in dragon’s fire.

The Story

For centuries, the citizens of USAteros basked in the warmth of a stable currency and steady economic growth. Foreigners journeyed to America Landing from across the narrow sea to enjoy the summer that would never end.

But over time, the people became complacent, ceding control of the Iron Republic to a small group of Bankisters. The coin of the realm was gradually replaced with paper “money”, wooing the people with their trademark phrase “a Bankister Always Pays His Debts”. Little did they know it was merely their own deception that gave the currency its imaginary value.

This stark theft was only noticed by a few. They spent their days in preparation for the coming financial blizzard, warning all not brainwashed by the fake news. Their mantra was whispered & repeated from person to person, family to family, town to town: Inflation is Coming.

Then, after a fierce battle with The One True Trump, Dark King Biden and his Whitewalkers descended upon the Capitol, ushering in unfathomable hyperinflation and crushing the peasants who failed to prepare.

Today – there exists a way to hold the door against theft by inflation. A sovereign individual can acquire and hold real, physical assets – dragon glass, valerian steel, silver & gold, to defend themselves, their families, and their precious freedom from tyranny.

But make no mistake: Inflation is Coming!

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