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Survivalists will be gathering in Missouri this week to get the latest news and notes on how to make it through the roughest times. Ask anyone who takes their own and their family’s survival seriously, there’s a lot that a person can do to make themselves ready for almost any situation.

According the web site,, is the premium provider of self reliance information in Missouri and the surrounding area. Missouri is the “Show Me State” and we will show you how to prepare for what comes next.

Attending the EXPO is the first step in getting prepared. We will teach you how to prepare for natural and man-made disasters.

Included in your guest EXPO PASS is admission to all of our seminars.

Along with our seminar on the Art of Barter, a whole host of informative talks and classes will be available to attendees such as:

  • MacGyver 101 – Survival with What You Have
  • Seeds – Planting, Gardening, and Saving
  • Concrete Dome Shelters – Build one Yourself
  • Home Safety and Security
  • Farms – Buying Your First One
  • Shortwave Radio and Ham Radio Orientation
  • Alternative Energy and Solar Power
  • Veterinarian – Successful First-time Farming
  • High Yield Gardening
  • Herbal Medical Care and First Aid
  • Long beach Coin, Stamp and Collectibles Expo In addition to appearing in Missouri, the AOCS will also be on display in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Coin, Stamp and Collectibles Expo being held Thursday through Saturday at the Long Beach Convention Center. Among the notable items on display will be the finest known collection of vintage United States silver half dollars from 1892 – 1915.

    “This will be only the second time this multi-million dollar collection has ever been publicly exhibited,” said Ronald J. Gillio, Expo General Chairman

    Stop by and visit the AOCS booth at an event and see brand new designs as they are made available for the first time to the public. You can also take advantage of great deals and one-time only specials on minting custom medallions for your group, community or nation.

    Stay in touch with where the AOCS will be by watching the Event Calendar on our home page.

    See ya soon!