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There are many ways you can directly contribute to our success! If you would like to get started as a Merchant, Community Trade Coordinator or Approved Currency, please review the links on the left for further information.

In addition to these programs, you can also further our mission through the following strategies:

Convert from fiat paper to Silver

Each time you convert a paper dollar to Silver, you reduce the control the Federal Reserve has over you and our Country. When you exchange to Silver, the paper is funneled out of your community (off to a mine far away) and replaced by a local Currency that can’t be spent at big-box retailers or exported easily to another continent.

Any AOCS Trade Coordinator can help you get rid of your debt paper and convert into a spendable, trustworthy and beautiful Silver Currency. You may also visit our Dealers page to find a reputable source online.

Support the Silver Merchants

Once you have AOCS Silver, it may be time to consider how you can begin to spend Currency inside your community. You are welcome to offer your alternative payment any place you patronize. Just be certain to disclose with the owner or management that AOCS Silver is a PRIVATE VOLUNTARY BARTER CURRENCY, and they are welcome to accept Silver as payment if they knowingly and willingly choose to do so!

You may also browse our list of Silver Merchants and re-evaluate how you spend “money”. Chances are we have a Merchant that is eager to earn your business, while also promising to keep the Silver in the community by participating in the barter group