From holding to spending silver

It seems everyone is talking about an impending economic collapse.  I’ve certainly noticed the price of food and fuel increasing and there’s no shortage of disturbing news stories.

An economic collapse–that magical moment when everyone who has been buying and hoarding silver all dig into their stashes and start presenting bullion rounds, junk silver and pre-1984 pennies at local stores, and communities across the country seamlessly switch from using dollars to precious metals.

If you believe that I have a beach in Arizona to sell you…

Seriously, how do you go from buying and holding silver to actually spending it in real commerce?

First, you don’t have to wait for an economic collapse to happen.  You can start spending silver right now.

Second, you need to talk to local business owners about it.  It can be as simple as walking in with some silver and offering it in trade for the product you want.  AOCS silver has a handy face value to make the transaction easy.  In sixty days, barring a major downward correction, that value will double.  If you’re starting now, use the move-up value.  If the business owner or decision maker isn’t usually at the store, then you may need to call him or her and make an appointment.

Once you have a few businesses accepting silver in payment for product, you have the beginnings of a silver barter network in your community.  At that point you may be thinking about ways to get the word out and even maintain an online directory of the businesses in your network.  You might be thinking about ways to get people in your community started on buying silver so they too can spend it at those businesses.

You may be looking for something like Community Barter.  What is Community Barter?  It’s a simple but powerful business model that implements an alternate economy based on silver.  Community Barter initiatives partner with local businesses and local charities in mutually beneficial ways.  It’s all about getting people used to buying things they want and need with silver.

There’s no reason to wait for some sort of apocalyptic economic event.  There is no better time to connect the local businesses in your community with the intrinsic value of silver.

If you love the idea of using silver to trade for the things you need, if you enjoy talking to local business owners about it, and most importantly, if you are looking to implement real solutions right where you live, then consider starting a Community Barter network.  We’ll work with you every step of the way.

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