Bridging the Gap Between Opposite Ends of the Value Spectrum.

As leaders in the precious metals & coin industries, our team has minted and marketed millions of coins since 2008. Our product lines include the Frazetta Legacy Collection, Silver Hobo Nickels, the Silverbugs series, Silver Bullet Silver Shield, Cannabis Coins & much more. Each product we produce is minted to the highest quality standard, and today we market primarily through the world’s largest coin dealers.

It should be no surprise that the industry leader in community currencies & commemorative coins coined the original Bitcoin – quite possibly the most famous coin in the world today – back in 2011.

Some believe cryptocurrency is the future of money. Others put their faith in gold & silver – currency that has stood the test of time.

As the debate rages on, collect the coins that tell the story of our exciting time, where we may be standing at the crossroads of a monumental shift in how valuable exchanges take place.