Copper or Candy?

Have you thought of giving out AOCS copper to trick or treaters as a Halloween candy alternative?  You will be amazed at the difference it will make.

Halloween is coming up and with it an astounding amount of stress surrounding the tradition of trick or treating.  The problem is the candy.  There are many children around the country who no longer can tolerate the refined sugar and many of the other chemicals in commercial candy due to various chronic conditions.  There are also an increasing number of parents who recognize that their children already consume too much junk.  They don’t want them to come home with a huge haul of candy, but they don’t want to be party-poopers either.  And for the children who can’t eat the candy – how sad to leave them out.

This Halloween you can make a positive impact on the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood by giving them AOCS copper rounds

AOCS Copper Rounds

instead.  First, you won’t be encouraging them to ingest something that’s unhealthy, and let’s face it, most people at least grudgingly admit that candy isn’t very healthy for anyone.  Second, you can introduce them to precious metals.  What child wouldn’t be delighted by an entire ounce of copper that shines like a new penny?  I am sure they will treasure it long after all the candy is gone and the other cheap Halloween candy alternatives have broken.

Nothing shows you care about your neighborhood children more than a valuable Halloween gift.  What better Halloween candy alternative is there than AOCS copper?

For more information please visit You can order any available AOCS copper rounds directly from AOCS Mint in tubes of twenty, and you can download and print little information cards to include with your gift of AOCS Copper.

The thought of children across the country owning a little bit of honest money just thrills me.  Let’s all give them some this Halloween.