#2 – OHIO

Ohio Open Carry 1oz Copper Bullion - Tube of 20

  • 999 Fine Copper
  • 1 AV Ounce / 28.3 grams
  • 1.5 inch / 39 mm diameter
  • Brilliant-Uncirculated Finish
  • Only 100,000 Authorized
  • Sold in Tubes of 20 with Bevis Anti-Counterfeit Tech

Ohio Open Carry 1oz Silver Bullion - Tube of 20

  • 999+ Fine Silver
  • 1 Troy Ounce / 31.1+ grams
  • 1.5 inch / 39 mm diameter
  • Brilliant-Uncirculated Finish
  • Only 100,000 Authorized
  • Sold in Tubes of 20
  • Bevis Anti-Counterfeit Tech

Ohio Open Carry 1oz Silver Antique

  • 999+ Fine Silver
  • 1 Troy Ounce / 31.1+ grams
  • 1.5 inch / 39 mm diameter
  • Hand-scraped Antique Finish
  • Only 5,000 Authorized
  • Edge-Marked with Unique Serial Number
  • Sold in Collection Card with Bevis Anti-Counterfeit Tech


The Birthplace of Superman

Comic fans are quick to point out the doomed planet Krypton as the birthplace of Superman. But in reality, Superman was born on a sleepy street somewhere on the outskirts of bustling Cleveland, sprung forth from the creative imaginations of longtime friends Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster. The young men spent their afternoons with their noses buried deep in pulp magazines, reading tales about ladies in distress, villains, warriors, and fantasy run amok. Spurred on by newspaper editors to create something sensational, the duo put pen to paper and brought Superman to life, a hero with superhuman strength & bulletproof skin.

Years later, the tale evolved & the infant Kal-El crashed into the countryside outside of Smallville. It was the Kent family that raised the Man of Steel, teaching him to control his supernatural abilities and use his fantastic natural gifts for the benefit of humanity. Most of the time Clark, as his adoptive parents named him, was a quiet, unassuming man that blended in with his surroundings. But when danger approached & duty called, Superman flew into action, ready to protect & serve.

Today's Fantastical Heroes

Modern day superheroes have come a long way since the early days of the Man of Steel. Renowned fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta, added a level of violence and sex appeal that brought the “funnies” genre to the mature audience and into mainstream cinema where it still resides today at the top of the box office. A characteristic shared by superheroes, regardless of which ‘verse they call home, is their willingness to put themselves at risk to protect those in danger.

"We’ve heard people say ‘Do something,’ Well, this is something and it’s a significant something."

Not all Heroes Wear Capes

In 2019, outside a Dayton bar, a shooter opened fire, killing 9 and injuring 17. In the aftermath, angry mourners shouted “Do Something!” In answer to this call from the people, Governor DeWine signed two bills, one of which aims to make it easier for teachers and school staff to carry guns at school. The bill moved quickly in wake of the Uvalde school shooting in Texas which left 19 children and two adults dead at the hands of an active shooter at an unarmed school. 

“We’ve heard people say ‘Do something,’” State Senator Terry Johnson said on the Senate floor. “Well, this is something and it’s a significant something.” Republican State Senator Antani strongly supported the bill stating “probably the most important thing we have done to prevent a school shooter in Ohio.”

The angry mob cried for stricter gun control legislation. What they got – thanks to the brave lawmakers that had the courage to see through crisis fog – was more power to the people for their own self-defense.

The other bill – with even greater potential to increase the safety of Ohioans – is commonly known as the “stand your ground” bill, eliminating Ohio’s “duty to retreat” before using force in self-defense.

The Hero in You

Can you deflect bullets off your chest? Stop a speeding locomotive? Leap a tall building in a single bound?

If not, don’t feel bad – most of us mortals can’t. Fortunately, chances are good you’ll never find yourself standing in front of a burning building or starring down an active shooter. You may go your entire life without a chance to save the day and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

But what if you don’t need superhuman strength and a chance encounter with fate to be extraordinary?

What if being a hero was as simple as following just laws, living a life of morals and values, exercising your constitutionally-protected rights, and being willing to stand in defense of your family, community & country when they need you most?

Constitutional open carry is an OVERT ACT OF SERVICE, the responsibility of which
is accepted by someone who stands ready to be someone’s hero.

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