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AOCS-approved medallions were created primarily to circulate as a private voluntary barter currency within a local economy.  People in Northern Colorado actively conduct business using AOCS silver through a model called Community Barter.  To date, Northern Colorado Community Barter is the most successful example of a network based on AOCS silver.

Fernanda Powers and her team are happy to share the Community Barter model and work closely with you to establish it in your city or town.

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The AOCS Trade Coordinator is our extension into the local community. You have two primary goals: to find and support local merchants to accept Silver as barter payment, and to help everyone turn paper into AOCS Approved Silver.

Goal #1 – Grow the Merchant network

With the AOCS, it’s easier than it sounds. Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of business owners that trade for items and services they need. Your job is to find them. Presently, the AOCS is widely respected as a barter “reserve” currency. This means that it is accepted at face value inside every barter organization we contact. When you introduce a merchant that already understands the importance of bartering and local commerce to the AOCS, they will quickly find the extent of our network and the lack of fees to be superior to ANY other trade system.

Goal #2 – Help People Turn Paper into Silver

As an AOCS Trade Coordinator, you have access to our silver Currencies at a discount. Your job is to help the public get out of paper and into spendable Silver. The same way that people contribute weekly to IRA’s, investments or other savings accounts, you can easily create your own “Silver Buyer’s Club” to which your network of clients contribute on a consistent basis. By creating an opportunity for people to convert paper to AOCS Silver at a fair market price, you help your community avoid the fallout of the dying Federal Reserve Note. You also create a network of buyers that will go out of their way to support Silver Merchants, as money goes much further when spent in the network.

What’s in it for me?

The most important reason to become a Community Trade Coordinator, a benefit that is more important than anything else, is to create Freedom for yourself. Consider freedom in terms of both TIME and MONEY. You will quickly find that helping your community is both profitable and requires very little time. Imagine living your life, doing what you want when you want, and knowing at the very same time that you’re helping save America! We believe that you can earn a profit and provide a valuable service at the same time.

How can this be true? Look at it like this: people buy from people they trust. When you become the reliable source for investment-grade .999 fine Silver in your community, group or network, word travels fast. Remember, people turn to gold and silver in uncertain economic times. Our economy is not getting any better, and thus more and more people want to get precious metals. As demand increases and supply diminishes, a contact like you is viewed as a rare commodity!

At the AOCS, your contribution matters. Your opinion counts. In our group, excellence is the only authority. If you develop a creative way to accomplish your goals, the rest of the team is ready to learn and model your success. Discover what it’s like to work with an organization that actually promotes individual leadership and success. We will never ask you to sacrifice your effort for the good of someone else. We hold each of our Trade Coordinators accountable to produce top-notch results, and accept nothing other than the best that can be done.

There is no fee to become a Trade Coordinator. Startup costs are minimal. If you’re up for the challenge, complete the form below and we will contact you to get started.

Think you’re ready?  Send us a note to get started!