Community Barter

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AOCS silver and copper medallions are beautiful, make wonderful keepsakes and gifts and are great to have around. But these medallions were made to circulate, to be passed from one to another in trade for goods and services.

Community Barter is a simple yet powerful business model that makes it possible for AOCS silver and copper to circulate organically within your community. It combines the best features of the Buy Local movement, a simple community currency, and business to business bartering to help everyone in your community support local businesses, keep money in the community, help those in need, and shop at a discount.

When you own a Community Barter business you work with businesses in your community who agree to accept AOCS medallions at their face value in exchange for products, local charities who help promote your Community Barter initiative because it helps them raise funds, and people in your community who purchase the medallions at a discount and spend them with participating businesses.

The Community Barter model got its start in Fort Collins, CO. Already you can get lunch for two, an oil change, fresh produce, home improvement, birth services and more using the ½ ounce Barter is Better medallion. Sales of these medallions in Northern Colorado support a local nonprofit dedicated to providing fresh vegetables for needy families in the area. Although Northern Colorado Community Barter is just getting rolling, we understand that other communities are ready to get started right now. We understand you are ready to help your community in a fun and profitable way.

To get rolling with your very own Community Barter initiative, please complete the form below. We will send you a series of emails explaining how you can get started. When you start receiving emails, please reply and tell us a bit about yourself and your vision for your community so that we can work closely with you every step of the way.