The United Snakes of America Collection explores the lies and corruption at the very core of government and its ideals.

“When you see a snake, just kill it. Don’t appoint a committee on snakes.” – Ross Perot

Most people have an instinctive hatred for snakes. Slithering and squirming their way through our nightmares, for many, snakes represent evil in its purest form. It isn’t just the fact that many species are deadly – there is something inherent to the nature of the snake that instantly makes our skin crawl with a visceral feeling of the creeps. And the phenomenon is not new: through the ages, storytellers have passed on countless snake legends, fairy tales and parables, warning us of the dangers of these treacherous creatures. Snakes are firmly emblazoned in our minds as sly and deadly beasts. It comes as no surprise that snakes are consistently associated with the most despicable and back-stabbing scum of the human race.

No symbol could be more fitting to represent our deceptive modern form of government. And certainly no government could quintessentially represent this slick, deceptive nature quite like our own country: the United States of America.
From the country’s founding principles of “life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness”, the toxic strangle-hold of government poisons the lives of average Americans on a daily basis. Only a slimy and scheming being like government could use its serpentine charms to gain the trust of its citizenry, while simultaneously sinking its fangs and endlessly pumping us full of nerve-damaging, venomous lies. So much poison has been injected, and our nerves so thoroughly damaged, that it’s nearly impossible to see our government for what it really is: the most dangerous creature known to man.

But like the polycephalous Hydra of Greek mythology, the government is not a single demon, and chopping off the head doesn’t render it incapacitated. Instead, it is a tightly coiled nest of vipers: greedy, self-serving individuals and organizations, all working together to achieve the same goal – their fortune at the price of your freedom.

But who are these cold-blooded serpents, and how did they secure their constrictive grasp on the nation?

The United Snakes of America is a coin collection that explores the lies and corruption at the very core of government and its ideals.

The reverse of each coin in the series features an adaptation of the world’s best-selling silver coin – the American Silver Eagle – fashioned from a series of snakes, representing the many intertwined actors in government that have united over the centuries to deceive, divide & destroy the very people they claim to serve. Each year, the US government sells tens of millions of silver eagle coins. It is the best-selling, most respected silver coin in the world. But why is it held in such high regards? The US Mint is run by an insolvent government, manufactured with equipment they had no money to buy. They compete against private manufacturers, who diligently battle against a slew of taxes & regulations, striving to support the workforce that depend so dearly on them.

Join us as we celebrate the United Snakes of America – the elected and unelected predators who lie, cheat, steal & kill in their relentless pursuit of power.