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Today's Conspiracy = Tomorrow's Reality

19 August 2021, We have another update on this amazing deep series and the reverse and obverse are finally on the final stretches of the design. Conspiracies are fun and scary at the same time so entering this with a very controversial silver coin design is always a little scary. But, we wont stand by and let an opportunity to share a story that is very relevant today. With our first coin being One Nation Under Control and having the whole basis being about the current Plandemic situation and the ways governement is slowly taking away the freedoms from Americans, and we cannot be silent in these times. So, whether you are on either side this limited edition silver coin will go down in history as a marker of what these past year or so has left us with.

The Coinspiracy Continues...

6 August 2021 - The First Draft of the Story

The whole conspiracy world is very interesting and used to be really known for those crazy people that were either abducted by aliens or taken by the government for secret experiments. Now, with so much access to endless amounts of information and documents that are just flowing around the internet it has become a little more mainstream. So many of these conspiracy theories have been proven to be true, or at least have very substantial evidence of truth. The mainstream media is working tirelessly to keep the truth hidden and now they call themselves “Fact Checkers” which is a whole conspiracy in itself as most believe.  

These past few years have been all over the place with new leaked information such as all the UFO sightings documents being released. The largest one right now is the government trying to keep control of the public with fear based media. It's no secret that the powers that be want everyone to be divided and keep fighting each other to hide the true plan of world domination.  

Whichever side you stand on doesn't matter anymore because most want to live in the dark of what's happening around them like in the Matrix, just living oblivious to the truth in front of them. In this series of Conspiracy coins we will be introducing many of the crazy really out there conspiracies and some that are more on the hidden truth side. We currently live in a free state, but that is changing every day. We are made to believe only what the media tells us and for those that have opened the door to these “Conspiracies” have opened an endless timeline of lies that have been told to us.  

Join us on this journey and dive into the rabbit hole as we bring life to many conspiracy theories that have surrounded us for decades.


The Beginning of a Coinspiracy...

1 August 2021 - Brainwashing (One nation under control)

Brainwashing is not a new phenomenon to be surprised about however it is definitely interesting to see that in today’s contemporary world conventional methods of brainwashing have been replaced by new ones including but not limited to social media, print media, advertising, and through various TV channels. Brainwashing the concept that the human mind can be changed or controlled by specific psychological techniques is once again thriving through different means with the same objectives.

Today, the above-mentioned means use Neuromarketing – the fact that the brain spends around 2 percent of its energy on conscious activities while the rest is devoted largely to unconscious processing. Therefore, the various types of media channels try to make advertisements to reach the subconscious level of the brain, the place where consumers develop an interest in products, aided by inclinations to buy them.

Regardless of the source (mentioned earlier) of brainwashing, the concept behind them all is to show their message as many times as possible to the public to persuade them. Recent studies suggest that although mostly it’s about the purchase of a product, these days it is also being used to persuade people to favor different social and at times political movements too. This can be done by movies too. In this regard, the book “The CIA in Hollywood”, by Tricia Jenkins, vividly portrays how the CIA has actively worked together with Hollywood to develop certain programs to achieve their objectives by brainwashing.

With the advancement in technology, the tools being used for brainwashing are also getting upgraded. Having mentioned that, the well-renowned social media platform is working on getting neural interface startup CTRL-Labs. The latter is a company that works on making wristbands that are capable of transmitting electrical signals from the brain into computer input.

This technology, if acquired by Facebook, would allow humans to control computers using their brains. And it is highly expected that at a later stage, the computers would control humans by showing them what the people working behind media sources want them to. It’s yet to see how the situation unfolds. It’s just the beginning, welcome to the future!


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