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Buy, Sell or Trade?

There are more than a few heads spinning as a result of the current tremors in the commodities market. You may be asking if now is the time to buy, sell or stick to using your AOCS Approved medallions as an exchange/barter vehicle. As long as the market is headed towards a more accurate reflection…

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Are We Having Fun Yet?

“If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong.” Attend a freedom function, liberty luncheon, Constitutional conference and you’ll more than likely hear this statement at least once. A testament to the validity of this sentiment may be in the fact that the “liberty movement” is still going strong when so many predicted its demise…

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Copper or Candy?

Have you thought of giving out AOCS copper to trick or treaters as a Halloween candy alternative?  You will be amazed at the difference it will make. Halloween is coming up and with it an astounding amount of stress surrounding the tradition of trick or treating.  The problem is the candy.  There are many children…

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Fed Head Wants More

Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke, appeared before the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission yesterday and has been acknowledged for his conciliatory tone. As the New York Times translated it, “…he was worried at the time about contributing to panic in the markets.” And while it might be viewed that the central bank chief did concede that he…

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Austrian Champion Evaluated

Saturday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal features an article about Austrian economics proponent, Peter J. Boettke, of George Mason University. While noting that Professor Boettke found his way into laissez-faire reality by way of an unlikely route, while seeking a career in the sport of basketball, the article goes on to tilt the scales…

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