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Sino-Russo Dollar Din

Tuesday saw an unprecedented level of accord between China and Russia made official as the two powers strengthened their alliance through a number of mutually beneficial deals.  The biggest news coming out of the high profile event is their agreement to discontinue trading with the dollar as their primary medium of exchange. After the announcement…

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Debating the Gold Standard

With the announcement of “QE2”, the debate over the proper role of the Federal Reserve and whether it maintains the ability to positively effect the economy is heating up. A recent op-ed in the New York Times has elicited an avalanche of response from all sides of the conversation and prompted the publishing icon to…

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Fed Set to Buy $600 Billion More

“QE2” is what experts are calling the latest round of “quantitative easing” being engaged by the Fed. The announcement made today after two days of talks includes an estimated $600 billion in purchases of Treasury bonds. The deeper story here though is the clear and distinctive rift between the chairs of the regional Fed banks.…

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A Tribute to the Tribute

“MundoGold Sells Silver! MundoGold is proud to announce its first minted offering: ‘The Ultimate Flipping Coin’” This is the declaration featured on the web site officially revealing news of the striking of it’s first medallion in .999 fine silver weighing one troy ounce in proof-like quality. The president of MundoGold, James Cicenia, revealed his…

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Copper Is King

For some time now I’ve listened to friends such as Don Harrold, who have built successful careers on the basis of their powers of foresight, saying to me that they like our moves into copper. As Don put it to me some months ago: “Copper is the people’s metal.” It would appear that the market…

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