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Zimbabwe Calls for Honest Money

‘Here’s a novel idea: why don’t we try the gold standard?’ That’s not exactly how he phrased it, but yesterday’s statements by the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr Gideon Gono, who oversaw the complete collapse of his nation’s economy, are very telling. Gono has held the reins at the bank since 2003…

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Overseas – Silver Hotter Than Ever

As the week opens prices in commodities begin to rally with much of the demand coming from overseas markets where silver has enjoyed new-found interest. As price fluctuations rock the experienced traders and keep them on their toes, those outside the industry are beginning to feel the effects of currency devaluation, European sovereign debt concerns,…

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From holding to spending silver

It seems everyone is talking about an impending economic collapse.  I’ve certainly noticed the price of food and fuel increasing and there’s no shortage of disturbing news stories. An economic collapse–that magical moment when everyone who has been buying and hoarding silver all dig into their stashes and start presenting bullion rounds, junk silver and…

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Silver crosses move-up threshold

The 30-day Daily Moving Average of spot silver today is $41.61.  Welcome to the very beginning of the 60-day countdown! While many more details will follow shortly, we urge AOCS Merchants, Dealers, Collectors and Supporters to keep a close eye on our website for MUCH more insight as to the importance of “move-ups”, what they…

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Modern Bank Run?

The rumors are plenty and have circulated for some time that Comex, the leading U.S. exchange for metals futures and options trading, may default in the face of demands for physical delivery of gold and especially silver. Now mix in with that the international exodus from the U.S. dollar and a new rumor that a…

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