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A Decentralized Vision

According to a recent survey, around 5% of Americans now hold or use Bitcoin. While this doesn’t exactly sound impressive, America isn’t the place that needs a decentralized currency the most. Countries in South America and Africa, mainly with unstable economies and heavily inflated currencies, are seeing a rapidly growing user base. Interestingly, Africans are…

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The Real Truth about the Bitcoin Bubble

You and I, we need to talk about the bubble shaped elephant in the room. If you’re talking about crashes, bubbles and the doom around cryptocurrency prices like Bitcoin, there’s a good chance you’ve been swayed by the deafening hype of speculative investors. You’ve ignored the fundamentals of economic theory, and been blinded to what’s…

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Put Bitcoin Risks on Ice

Many people agree Bitcoin is risky business. Sure, we’ve all heard those inspiring stories about folks winning big with Bitcoin, and becoming instant millionaires. But equally, we’re well aware of the stories of those who lose their digital fortune to theft, acts of God, or general carelessness. And between highly volatile markets, opportunistic hackers, and…

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