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There are many advantages to offering your customers AOCS Silver and Gold barter medallions. Best of all, you can represent the inventory of available medallions without purchasing anything! Now is the time to help get Silver in the hands of Americans across the country that can easily be traded both within the growing MarketPlace as well as in private transactions.

The AOCS Advantage

1. Expand your product line to offer a greater selection of ready-to-ship Silver: you may choose to represent any or all AOCS Approved barter medallions, tailoring your selection to the designs that interest your customers.

2. Beautiful designs are available at incredibly low mediums: many discerning investors prefer “proof-like” medallions, which can be saved, stored, or gifted for generations to come. Most AOCS medallions are minted in brilliant uncirculated mirror-finish, with stunning deep 3-D relief and crystal clear mirror reflections. Premiums on other proof-like sets can typically cost just as much as the metal itself!

3. Barter is Better with AOCS Medallions! Each ounce of Silver circulates in our world-wide barter network in exchange for $50 of value from participating merchants and businesses. Now you can help your customers increase their purchasing power by spending their Silver instead of saving it as a store of value.

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