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AOCS MarketplaceThe Merchant that willingly accepts an AOCS Approved Currency is the backbone of our system. After all, without plenty of places to shop for goods and services, our currency would be as useless as any other piece of silver bullion.

So why become an Open Currency Merchant?

1) Access new customers in our growing network: The consumer experience is changing. Many people now go OUT OF THEIR WAY to avoid big-box retailers. By participating as an OpenCurrency Merchant, you demonstrate that you are a locally owned business that wants to keep your money within the community. Consumers will patron your operation specifically because you accept Silver as money. This is a great opportunity to grow new markets, expand your business, and build valuable relationships that you would not experience without the AOCS. Further, your local Currency Officer will help promote and sell your products and services to other Merchants and consumers!

2) Make better use of time and inventory: Do you have excess inventory that you need to move? Extra time between consulting projects? Extra restaurant tables or hotel rooms you need to fill? The AOCS is GREAT for you! Accepting Silver for these excesses will help smooth your operation’s flow to avoid lags in business.

3) Get products and services without spending “cash”: Now that new business is finding you, you can save your Federal Reserve Notes (green money) for paying rent, the electric bill, or purchasing raw materials. Use your new gold and silver money for advertising, brochures, marketing material, printing, consultants, and thousands of other goods and services that will help you simplify and expand your “cash” business even more! That’s just the beginning! Start mixing business with pleasure: take your customers to lunch or dinner; or maybe it’s time for a vacation or massage? With the AOCS, your new money will help increase your happiness and enjoyment of life and life’s wonderful blessings!

4) Get Silver at a discount & spend at a profit: Just like the banks, now it’s your turn. As a Merchant, you are entitled to access the currency at a discount. Merchants that build relationships with customers quickly find those same customers asking for Silver as change! Help put even more Silver into circulation while creating a profit at the same time. You may even find that making change with Silver is more profitable than the item or service you sold in the first place!

5) A return to community values: Do you remember when you knew the names of the business owners from whom you purchased goods and services? They knew your name too! In our fast-paced world of non-stop action, sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses. When a customer pays in Silver, they demonstrate that they share your concern for the community. They appreciate what you’re doing for our country. They take the time to say hello.

As you can see, the benefits to participating in the Open Currency network are numerous. And that’s just the beginning. Find out today how greatly your participation is rewarded!

By completing the form below, you begin the process of adding your product or service to our system. You will be contacted by a Currency Officer to complete your enrollment and provide your login information, where you can update your contact details and view other AOCS Merchants.

Think you’re ready?  Send us a note to get started!