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AOCS Launches New Internet Hub

Since launching several years ago as the hub for information about the organization setting the standard for competing currencies, the American Open Currency Standard has revamped their web site to more accurately reflect their position as leaders in the competitive financial market. Due to the growing demands of an exploding trading community, a new site has been also been created which serves as a listing of the numerous merchants across the country and beyond … [Read More]

A Currency’s Value: The Marketplace

Our MarketPlace, for no good reason, still happens to be the most overlooked component of the AOCS model. First, our core team is missing a MarketPlace Director. Without someone accountable driving the growth of the MarketPlace, it merely wanders aimlessly in the seas of distraction. We still desperately seek … [Read More]

Bimetallism and Trimetallism

The basis of the American Open Currency Standard is pure .999 fine Silver. In fact, one of the few things the AOCS actually does is define the relationship between Currency Trade Units and ounces of fine silver. In a nutshell, it’s the main reason we exist. According to the Standard and present live market price … [Read More]

Facing Up To Face Value

I am often asked about the face value when I’m speaking to a merchant, potential currency officer or customer about AOCS silver and the AOCS model. Where does the “fifty” come from anyway? Who decided to value an ounce of silver at fifty and why do we need to even bother with a face value? Sometimes these … [Read More]