AOCS Launches New Internet Hub

Since launching several years ago as the hub for information about the organization setting the standard for competing currencies, the American Open Currency Standard has revamped their web site to more accurately reflect their position as leaders in their niche of a competitive financial market. Due to the growing demands of an exploding trading community, a new site has been also been created which serves as a directory of the numerous merchants across the country and beyond who are now trading in the group’s private barter network.

Among the many features provided online in the overhauled main site, the AOCS now has a number of their feature articles compiled and available for the first time in one place. Visitors will also be able to learn about every aspect of the group’s history and milestone achievements.

Recognizing the trend toward social networking, AOCS executives have incorporated those demands expressed by their supporters and begun allowing the public to share their articles and videos through sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and the like.

Complementary currency enthusiasts also now have the ability to sign up for the AOCS newsletter and RSS feeds in order to receive news as it is announced. All of these improvements are good news as this group is one worth watching in a climate where the economy is undergoing historic changes.