Ag Trading Post Opens

NOTE: This article is an archive of a previous event.

‘Tis the Season…

…to celebrate the Ag Trading Post GRAND OPENING and American Open Currency Standard Holiday Party!

This Saturday, just north of Dallas in Farmers Branch, you are invited to witness the launch of America’s first retail store that exclusively accepts value as payment for goods and services.

The entire barter community is buzzing about our store and this party. That buzzing will become a roar this Saturday night as folks around town come to the realization that BARTER IS BETTER!

We’ll have door prizes, games for the entire family, food provided by restaurants in our barter network (Caribbean, Mexican, Mediterranean, and Breakfast food), and local celebrities. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet and mingle with the entire American Open Currency Standard Executive team!

Where : : Ag Trading Post @ 14540 East Beltwood Pkwy, Farmers Branch Texas
When : : Saturday, December 12th from 7pm to ….?
Attire : : dress up or dress down, it’s your call!

Not the usual fine print…

How to trade at the Post:

The Ag exclusively accepts value as payment for products. Value comes in many forms; green paper is not one of them. So please do not offer “cash” as a fair exchange for what we consider to be worth so much more. Instead, we accept all forms of minted gold and silver (sorry, leave grandma’s old jewelry at home) as well as other products for barter. Here is our documented exchange rate:

AOCS Approved Silver & Gold medallions: accepted at Face Value
.999 fine silver bullion: accepted at market + $5 per ounce
.999 fine silver coins, ie silver eagles and maple leafs: accepted at market + $10 per ounce
“junk” silver coinage: accepted at fifteen times face value!

For example, four old mercury dimes buys a $6 pound of local & delicious grass-fed ground beef. It may take some time to wrap your mind around it, but the key is this: real money goes further.

Although you may be an expert at pet rock design and decorating, please contact us first to see if we happen to have a need for your creations at our store. The Ag is not a pawn shop, though we do welcome folks to trade directly and leave money out of the equation. Just be sure to make prior arrangements before heading over for a visit!

How to acquire AOCS Silver:

The best (and least expensive) way to get your hands on some cold, hard AOCS Silver is through the Ag Silver Buyer’s Club, which holds a monthly bulk purchase of medallions. Each month we choose a medallion for our group, lock in a bulk order, and host a fun social event when the mint delivers our Silver. Contact us today to get involved and turn your depreciating FRN’s into something of real value!