Month: May 2022

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Cannabis Coins

LEGALIZED COMMEMORATING THE EVOLUTION OF CANNABIS LAWS IN 999 SILVER Introducing the Legalized Collection 2009 saw the introduction of our first Cannabis Coin – the half ounce silver LEGALIZE IT coin. The reverse of the coin featured the best argument we could think of for cannabis legalization: Abusus Non Tollit Usum. In simple terms, this…

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Silver Hobo Nickels

Silver Hobo Nickels Commemorating the American Sculptural Art of Buffalo Nickel Carving Expanding upon the 2016 Paolo “MrThe” Curcio collection, new Silver Hobo Nickels available now featuring licensed art from engraving legends Saburov, Booteen, DeFlorentis, Adams & Jameson. DISCOVER HOBO NICKELS Dating back as early as the 18th Century, America’s hobo subculture passed time by…

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First Nations Currency

Lakota Crazy Horse When faced with extinction, man only has two options: become a slave, or become a warrior. His Horse is Crazy Tašúŋke Witkó, literally translated from Lakota as “His Horse is Crazy”, was a respected war leader of the Oglala Lakota. More commonly referred to as Crazy Horse, he fought against the U.S.…

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Not our first Rodeo

Team Appreciation Day – May ’22 We are so grateful to have such a wonderful and hard working team. When we’re not cranking out monster boxes of bullion we like to take a bit of time for staff appreciation. This month it was an awesome trip to the Fort Worth Stockyards, and believe it or…

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