Month: March 2022

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Springing Ahead

March 2022 Signs of Spring are popping up all over the farm.  Seedlings are bursting out, and the beds are being prepped for what we hope will be a bountiful harvest to share with our families and team! Blue Lake Green Beans Zucchini Squash Cherry Tomatoes We’ve got a few new faces in the shop…

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Our Factory Farm

March 2022 Plans Change… The story of our factory farm began with an unfortunate issue with our landlord last November. Following a disagreement between our landlord and the city, we found ourselves out of power and out of luck. The days were often interrupted by wind, hail, and even tornadoes, we did our best to…

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Back to Business

March 2022 The machines are ALIVE With production ramping up, we’re casting bars from sun up to sun down. Running Copper bars on the hydraulic press. While we were away, Momma goat had 2 kids! After a whirlwind of a road trip, it’s time to get back to the office and farm. I wonder if…

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NASCAR VIP Experience with Brandon Brown

March 2022 Let’s Go Team Brandon! Hanging out at the trailer waiting for Go-TIME! The race was paused halfway through with unprecedented SNOW! The cars were tarped and we bundled up to wait for the storm to pass. Special invite to the Las Vegas Motor Speed Way to meet #68 Brandon Brown! Just before the…

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The Road to CPAC 2022

February 2022 Orlando or Bust! Luna could not have been more excited to hear that she wouldn’t be left home alone! We packed our bags & pup, and headed EAST on a long drive from Texas to Florida. It was Luna’s first road trip. We could not get enough of the coastline. What a beautiful…

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