Year: 2022

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The Silver Kruger

The Silver Kruger Defiant in its existence, the Silver Kruger is a friendly reminder that we know the true nature of elitism …and the reign of debt & death is coming to an end. When Europeans raced to escape tyranny in the mid 17th century, departing ships landed just as frequently in the Americas as…

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Work In Progress: Legalized

Ever wonder how we make a new coin? There are millions of coins on the market.  Silver Eagles are surely a top seller, and there are plenty of Morgans and Peace dollars flooding the market, but how many unique coins are out there that tell a story?  And why aren’t there more?!  Silver stackers and…

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Fast Factory

Major improvements on the factory floor After 6 months of working out of a temporary commercial tent, we’ve officially moved into the shop.  Rain, hail, and now scorching Dallas temps have been grueling conditions but we’re stronger for it!  The big building is still underway but we now have 4 enclosed buildings for production and…

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