1099 Avalanche Averted

In a segment I like to call, “How did I miss THAT story?”…

In a statement released by the White House on April 14th, President Obama is quoted as saying

“Today, I was pleased to take another step to relieve unnecessary burdens on small businesses by signing H.R. 4 into law. Small business owners are the engine of our economy and because Democrats and Republicans worked together, we can ensure they spend their time and resources creating jobs and growing their business, not filling out more paperwork. I look forward to continuing to work with Congress to improve the tax credit policy in this legislation and I am eager to work with anyone with ideas about how we can make health care better or more affordable.”

The good news is you can save those #2 pencils for calculating how much you are saving not only in extra taxation but in labor by not having to fill out 1099 forms all year long.

Mr. President, if you were that concerned about the burden of extra paperwork on small businesses, how did this little gem of an idea make into law in the first place?

What’s that? The President can’t talk now? Oh, I see, he’s late for the gym; he has a spin class.